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3DS Max - Invisible Vertices Problem - Fix

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In this video, we will solve the problem of invisible vertices,
福彩3d微信预测群 And we'll understand why this might happen.

3DS Max Rotate A Polygon Around An Edge

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to rotate a polygon around an edge.
We will demonstrate two scenarios, in the first, we will use the Hinge From Edge feature, and in the second one, we will use the Working Pivot feature.

3DS Max - How To - Show Invisible Edges And Quadrify Faces

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in this video, we will see how to show the hidden edges and make them permanently visible to be used in editable poly. also, and quickly, we will learn how to use the quadrify tool in editable poly to create quad faces out of non-quad faces. this tool doesn't have 100% success result all the time, it depends on the object's mesh, but it will try its best. in many cases, it's 100% successful.

Maxscript 101 - Free Online Training

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the creator of maxscript (john wainwright) has made his available for free on vimeo! it's broken up into easy to watch chunks and even though it's a bit dated it remains one of the best introductions to maxscript available.

A sincere thanks from the henglw.icumunity to John Wainwright for releasing his incredibly valuable training series for free and to our very own "Garp" for putting in the time to get the video split into sections & uploaded. Thanks!

connect vertex/knots in a shape with 2 splines

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福彩3d微信预测群hello. basic question (but i can't find it on the internet)

i have a shape with 2 splines: /sp1v1--sp1v2/ /sp2v1--sp2v2/.

Now i want to connect sp1v2 with sp2v1.
something like this:

select $MyShape
subObjectLevel = 1
splineOps.startConnect (1,2) (2,1)

can someone give me a hit? tnx

3DS Max Rotate And Scale Using Snap

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In this video, we will learn how to use Snap to Rotate and Scale objects,
Using any point in the scene.

3DS Max - Accurate Display Of Procedural Maps - Solved

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福彩3d微信预测群in this video, we will solve the problem of procedural maps display,

3DS Max - Trick - Creative Way To Align

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in this video, we will learn how to align objects in a specific direction on another object using a helper object.

3DS Max - Group tool is not available - Grayed out - Solved

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in this short video, we'll see why the group tool, sometimes, becomes grayed out and not available. the reason for that is the presence of opened group among the selected objects.

3DS Max Tip - Keep The Mouse Centered In The Viewport

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福彩3d微信预测群in this short video, we will learn how to keep the mouse centered in the viewport, this is useful in many scenarios, like, for example, tracing a spline over a picture while staying zoomed in.

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