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Math Float Controller

4 votes

my first mcg controller, this is a super simple math float controller, it allows you to mix controller types together without having to use a list controller. 

福彩3d微信预测群if you want to do something simple like have an object in a position and then add a noise controller to that position you can use this.

MCG Ring Dots aka Dot Matrix

8 votes


creates rings of dots or holes...ie..can be used for speaker patterns, showerheads, brushheads...etc..

Ver 1.01福彩3d微信预测群: added Height Offset and ability to use Custom Closed Spline for Stock. This can be used in either Dots or Holes mode.

Polar Array Modifier

2 votes

a simple polar array modifier with additional controls like z axis (world) rotation, x, y and z offset (world). z offset is gradual. p.s. x-form needs to be reset in order for this to work correctly.


Panelizer Modifier

1 vote

福彩3d微信预测群3dsmax topology based paneling modifier.

福彩3d微信预测群procedural tool for geometry paneling.


Weaver Modifier

3 votes

Modifier creates realtime topology based weaving geometry.

  • Works on tris/quads/n-gones.

update: version 2

MCG Knit

4 votes

福彩3d微信预测群simple knitting pattern with mcg.

Ver 1.01: with Grow available for the price of a beer....MY beer...

MCG Pixelize Spline

4 votes

Ver 1.02: allows Custom Pixel. This version is available for $5 USD. Please email [email protected]

MCG TextOnPath a.k.a Stiff PathDeform

3 votes

Installation福彩3d微信预测群: Scripting, Install Max Creation Graph...

at last...put your text on path with absolutely no warping, distortion whatsoever...unlike the pathdeform. what's more...it works for multi curves...but wait there's more...it works for any font including right to left languages...but waaaaiiiiit...there's still more, it can reverse your text in a jiffy too...and yes there's still more it's an environment friendly mcg too...it recycles your text !!!!!!!

Framer Modifier

0 votes

3dsMax topology based frame modeling modifier. Procedural tool for frame like structure creating. Useful for creating facades, structures, grids, furniture, patterns and more.


6 votes

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